In Memory of Zygmunt Bauman



One of the great thinkers of our liquid times has passed away.

Modernity’s essential promise was that it would relieve human beings

from the caprices of nature and give them power over their own fate.

Actually modernity brought us the Holocaust and new forms of liquidity

and insecurity which led to overwhelming feelings of anxiety and impotence.

Even at 90 Zygmunt Bauman had the unbelievable mental power and guts

to keep on looking into the abyss which is inherent to every civilisation and

even more to modern ones because the consequences are so devastating.

Take for instance also the ecological destruction, the mass production of

household and industrial waste and not in the least human waste in the

guise of millions of  ‘superfluous’ refugees, unemployed and other marginalized groups.

As a Polish Jew who survived Hitler he knew that the only way you can

avert disaster is by taking the worst case scenarios into account. When I

heard of his death I stood still in front of my bookcase and remembered

how all of the six of his books I read tingled and pained my nervous system

because of his anatomy, his laying bare the anxious nerves of modern life.

Glad to have been seated in the front row during one of his great readings

where I could almost feel the immense power of his spirit.

Thank you, thank you mr Bauman…awesome man, I will keep on consulting

your books.

R. O


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