Snow, Trees and Shadows

Snow, Trees and Shadows, a painting by Maria Klawe, reminds me of the time when I was still a little kid and our primary schoolclass went to the theatre some wednesday afternoon to see a play… Suddenly the lights dimmed, we all hushed up, the curtain  rose and we gawked in awe , being transfixed  by the scenery. So magical and promising, the blue sky and sensuous shadows caressing like velvet. Something is going to happen… Actually it is already happening because the trees seem to be having a full moon conference. Like spirits involved in a spirited exchange, no bossing around even the smallest are listened to. Wouldn”t surprise me if the whole pack would suddenly walk on to find a cabin for the night. But no let them stay and keep me company, let them not melt. Let me forget a little bit longer that they found microplastics in the Arctic snow.





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